Why us?

People actually enjoyed unboxing videos (gadget stuff, hobby items …etc). The main reason is that as a consumer, there is always a desire to know a little bit more about the product. Sure the manufacturer usually listed what has been included in the box, but seeing it for real what and how it looks like really give the extra satisfaction and confident necessary for actually buying the product. This is especially true when it comes to online purchasing.

With our unboxing vids, potential buyers can imagine themselves go through the process of opening the box. In contrast to paid advertisements, these are real 🙂

We retain copyright of the videos produced. Sponsors are free to download or link to these videos for promotional purpose.


About us


For consumers:

Unboxing videos are great because you get to experience the opening just as if you were opening the item yourself. @ Toys-REVIEW, we offer you the first sensuous encounter of the hobby product of desire by producing the vicarious experience of removing the product from its packaging and examining its contents. From RC cars, airsoft guns to TV game consoles and Gundam models, we strive to build up the largest library of unboxing pleasure!

For manufacturers:

Our vids fuel anticipation (the child-like anticipation we feel for something new) while providing useful product information (we provide consumers a look into what exactly can be expected when they receive your products into their hands).

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